Janessa's Touch Massage Therapy - FAQs
Janessa's Touch Massage Therapy - Balance your body & mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I get a massage?
Anytime is a good time to get a massage.  You shouldn't wait until it is overdue; when you are already stressed or injured.  A regular massage is a beneficial way to cope with the stress of everyday life.  It is both physically and emotionally healthy for you.

What parts of my body are going to be massaged while I'm there?
When you arrive you will be asked to fill out a client intake form.  There you can check all the areas you would like to address during the massage.  The information will be discussed before the massage begins so you feel comfortable and relaxed.
Do I have to be completely undressed?
Undress to your comfort level.  You will be draped with linens at all times.  Only the area that I will be massaging will be undraped.

What is the importance of increasing your water intake for the next 24-48 hours?
Toxins have most likely been released from the muscles in your body that haven't been worked on for awhile.  It is encouraged for you to drink plenty of water to flush those toxins out of your body.